Emergency trip back to states

Wow, what the heck? The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. So I left Crucita in the afternoon around 5 for my flight that left at supposedly around 11PM from Guayaquil. It’s a 3.5 hour drive with a driver so had plenty of time. It was raining in the mountains so took about 4 hours. Once outside the city I got an alert from American the flight was delayed. No set time for departure. Once I got there and in line for the ticketing etc, I found out it was delayed until 1AM. Then got an alert it was delayed until 2AM, then 2:30AM then 2:10AM. They gave us a voucher for food at airport that was nice. Last time time Timon went potty was 9:PM at this point.
So we board the plane. Great flight 767 full of Ecuadorians and a few gringos. That’s what they call us North Americans. It’s cute, I like it, they love us, and it’s an affectionate expression. Then guess what, full service dinner meal, Ecuadorian style on the plane. I ate that and slept about 2 hours. Timon was sleeping, ate some snacks, he was a trooper. While standing in line at airport American sent me a text, they had rebooked my Miami connection to Orlando automatically to accommodate me missing the 7:00 AM flight I was on which would get me to Miami at 8AM, plenty of time to get to Sanford for the 12:30 departure on Allegiant out of Miami. My dress suit and shoes for the service was gotten out of my closet by a friend and shipped to Lexington via UPS in advance to arrive Friday. So they rebooked me for a 9:30AM flight getting me in OIA at 10:30 airport. Enough time to get bags and get driver to take me to Sanford for 12:30 flight if we drove like hell. Tight but doable barring delays. Well as you know, when I landed I zipped through customs in Miami with new automated systems they now have and so cool. But because of Timon had to be inspected for proper paperwork for him and answer questions about him. You also have to retrieve your baggage at customs for inspection, procedure, and then for reconnecting flight. Then you go through security again, thankful for TSA PreChec✔️. It now is like 8AM. Timon has still not relieved himself, being a trooper. I rush up to gate, flight delayed until 10AM. Land 10:30AM. No way I would make Sanford Allegiant flight unless it too were delayed for issues of some type. Timon finally gets outside while I’m waiting for bags to relieve himself.
I rebook the only Allegiant flight to area on Saturday, and I checked Owensboro and Evansville as well. They only fly to Lexington on Saturday it leaves at 1:30. As you know the service is at noon.
Now FYI my flight on American was booked using frequent flyer miles back in late January. It could be changed one time on insurance I purchased for flight. However changing destinations would have cost thousands. Allegiant was $400. I had booked it when she died at last minute. Tuesday I had changed with American to Thursday not knowing when she would pass. I booked Allegiant Wed AM upon learning she had passed.
So that’s the story folks. I will be there in time to visit with most of Dot’s family who she loved so much, 5 children, imagine that. She lived a long life, she was a good woman, good to my dad until his dying day and she died of a broken heart. So I will be there to share memories and celebrate her life tomorrow late afternoon. Bye for now. I will be in KY until April 6, then back home to Champions Gate. Did somebody say golf???? Love my blog family for loving me through this. ❤ I will keep blogging as I have much to write about my Ecuadorian adventure yet, pictures to share. So keep checking back. Follow us, much more to come.

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  1. Whew! I’m exhausted just reading this – holy cow – quite the ‘excursion’!! Rest up, enjoy your family despite the reason for gathering….see you when you get back. I bet Timon will sleep for days😂

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