Possibly living in Ecuador

I’m looking at the option of Ecuador for many reasons, not just a desire to get away from US politics. I’ve been intrigued with South America since I took Spanish in 8th grade. My teacher was from South America. Since living in Florida I must admit I initially moved here to be near the beach. After living in Sarasota and living with the fears of hurricanes, I moved to the Orlando area. The decision was mostly business driven. After 37 years of living in FL I’ve seen the overall cost of living increase and also the summers are just so very hot these days. Also having worked with Latinos I have come to appreciate their carefree lifestyle and their bond with each other. Now after visiting Ecuador, I saw much of the countryside traveling through the Andes. Once I reached the beaches I found the terrain to be very beautiful with the cliffs near the ocean. I also learned first hand how much lower the cost of living is. Since I retired at 62, my income is not really enough to live the way I would like and I’m sick of traffic. Also everything is fresh in Ecuador, vegetables, fruit, seafood, and chickens. There are no GMO’s nor hormones in meats and no pesticides on vegetables or fruit. And I found the perfect condo building for me on the beach. It’s a safe town, with a large expat population but my desire is to learn the Ecuadorian culture and begin to speak fluid Spanish.
So I want everyone to know, this is a 5 year experiment for me, if it all comes together. The first 2 years I will be required to be in Ecuador 9 full months of the first 2 years. I will return in August to be with family in KY. I will return to Champions Gate to play golf Feb and March. After those two years I will qualify for an Ecuadorian resident visa. Then I’m going to get an Ecuadorian passport. Many people carry two passports from 2 different countries. The next 3 years I would be in KY August and September. Then in FL, Jan-April to golf. I will have a two bedroom condo on the beach with beach views. I plan to rent it the months I am back in the states for extra revenue. I hope when this all takes place some of you will visit. I would love to show you Ecuador!

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